01. My neighbor made over $10,000 in profit on an [initial] investment of $8,500.
02. We were [initially] worried that Yoshiko wouldn't be able to handle the workload, but she soon showed us that she was more than capable.
03. Our holiday in Jamaica was [initiated] by my daughter's report on that country for her high school geography class.
04. The government has announced the [initiation] of a new program to identify children at risk of abuse.
05. She was [initially] shy, but she got over it quickly, and was able to play well in her first public performance.
06. The goal of our [initial] meeting is to simply get to know each other.
07. He traced his [initials] in the wet cement.
08. Averil Coxhead has noted that second language learners should [initially] focus on learning the high frequency words of the language.
09. The situation is not as bad as [initially] reported.
10. Canada was [initially] settled by the French.
11. Betty Bender once said, "Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile, [initially] scared me to death."
12. [Initially] a salty paste, soy sauce is believed to have originated in China during the Zhou dynasty.
13. In France, chocolate was [initially] considered a dangerous drug.
14. When visiting Japan, it is important to know that it is considered polite to [initially] refuse someone's offer of help.
15. Western women are not encouraged to [initiate] a handshake with men in India, as it is not customary.
16. James Watt [initiated] the Industrial Revolution in 1769 with the invention of the steam engine.
17. The world's first female Prime Minister [initially] came to power in Ceylon in 1960.
18. Please [initialize] the changes you made to this check.
19. Please sign your [initials] at the bottom of the page.
20. We had a few [initial] problems that were soon worked out.
21. Psychologists have observed that most of the process of forgetting occurs soon after [initial] exposure.
22. Norbert Schmitt has noted that recent studies suggest that second language learners should review new vocabulary soon after the [initial] meeting, and then at gradually increasing intervals.

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